Super Wednesday

January 10-April 25, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Super Wednesday offers something for people of all ages, and we invite you to join us this Spring. After our meal in Fellowship Hall, everyone scatters to participate in a variety of studies and activities which you’ll find described below.

Meal, Fellowship Hall, 5:30pm
Children & Youth, $2, College Students, no charge,
Adults, $5
Family Maximum, $10

Children’s Activities

Nursery for infants & preschoolers, Room 102, 5:30-7:30pm
Covenant Choir, grades 2-5, Children’s Choir Room,
Jannette Hindman, 6:15pm
Recreation K-1st Grades, Malicia Curran, 6:15pm
Noel Choir, K-1st, Children’s Choir Room,
Jannette Hindman, 7:00pm
Recreation Grades 2-5th, Malicia Curran, 7:00pm

Activities for Youth

Middle School and High School
Rec Center and The Den @ 5:30pm

Adult Studies, 6:30-7:30pm

Women’s Bible Study
January 10-April 18, Room 205
Amy Cole and Stephanie Raesz
Following our sometimes inspiring and sometimes controversial fall study of the Book of Ruth, The Super Wednesday Women’s Bible Study will continue our discussions of what we can learn from women of the Bible with a study of the book of Esther. Please join us again, or for the first time, for great conversation and fellowship.

Music of St. Andrew
January 10-February 14, Sanctuary
This series of musical concerts will be held in the Sanctuary and will include our organist, Sam Gaskin, Director, Jeff Snider, soloists Hannah Ceniseros, Nicole Stover, Ben Howard and Matthew Morales.

World Religions
January 10-March 7, Room 207/209
Jim Goodnow
This course offers an overview of the foundations, major beliefs and practices of major world religions and their main branches. Its outline is contained in Michael Coogan is (and eight other authors) The Religions Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained (New York: DK Publishing 2013). Interested participants can purchase the book in either hard copy or electronic format.
Weekly topics are:
January 10 – Similarities and Differences Among the World’s Major Belief Systems
January 17 – Hinduism
January 24 – Buddhism
January 31 – Other Asian Belief Systems (Jainism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shinto)
February 7 – Judaism
February 14 and 21 – Christianity and Christian Denominations
February 28 – Islam
March 7 – The Evolution of World Religious Traditions After the Protestant Reformation

February 21-March 7, Fellowship Hall
Steve Danbom
Wednesday, February 21 – Science of Fracking — Discussion of hydraulic fracturing (aka frac’ing or fracking) with one slide set and a two-page handout for all; visitors outside the church are welcome.
Wednesday, February 28 – Seismic Exploration — Seismic exploration both onshore and offshore; examples of seismic sources and other sometimes controversial equipment (e.g. whales and air guns in the water with my trip to Offshore Spain, 2013 used to show this and a discussion of the Conoco patented land seismic source Vibroseis) using two slide sets and a movie within the second set.
Wednesday, March 7 – Science Education in China — Discussion of geophysical education in China using a PowerPoint slide set showing five UNESCO world sites in and around Beijing. This is a travelogue (PLUS) of the trip Susan and I took to Beijing in 2008 (the year of the Beijing Olympics), where I taught an eight-day short course of 32-hours (1000slides) to students at the China University of Geosciences-Beijing (CUGB). Susan also taught students at a 3rd grade elementary school in Beijing.

Lenten Prayer Class
February 21-March 28, Chancel Area of Sanctuary
Bekah Barnett and Lisa Patterson
Do you desire to pray with greater frequency, creativity, and with a deepening sense of connection between you and God? Come and join a group who seeks to grow in deeper relationship to God and, in the process, with one another. Bekah and Lisa do not have a magic formula for prayer, but we will learn and practice ancient disciplines as well as explore contemporary ones in order to encourage our Lenten practice of walking the path of discipleship guided by Jesus and following in his way. Questions? Contact Bekah Barnett, or Lisa Patterson,

Coping with Today’s Turbulent World
March 21 & 28 and April 11, Fellowship Hall
Michael Greig, Professor, Department of Political Science at UNT
In many ways, the 21st century has been a time of considerable flux for American foreign policy, with both new challenges and opportunities facing the United States. At the same time, Americans are also questioning the U.S. role in global affairs, with some arguing for deeper engagement and others promoting retrenchment to focus on domestic concerns. In this class, we will touch on these debates as we discuss some of the key questions facing American foreign policy today.
March 21 – Russia: Potential Partner, Resurgent Foe, or Something Else?
March 28 – Coping with a Rising China
April 11 – The U.S. & Democracy: Should Spreading Democracy Be a Goal of American Foreign Policy?

Panel Discussion on Israel Trip
April 4 and 18, Fellowship Hall
These two sessions feature a panel or presenters composed of some of the participants in the St. Andrew trip to Israel in March 2018. They will share their Holy Land experiences, observations and travel photos.

Broadway Reformed
March 21-April 18, Room 207/209
Richard B. Culp
The class will listen (maybe sing) some Broadway tunes as a guide to exploring themes of Reformed theology.