Sunday School

For Children

Children’s Sunday School
K-5th Grade, Media Room, 9:30am
All children in grades K-5 meet in the media room next to the library. K-5th learn and explore each Sunday morning’s story in a deeper way through art, mission, story-telling, media and games. Join us in our dedicated children’s area!

Preschool, Room 100, 9:30am
Preschool children three through five years old learn the stories of the Bible through experiential play. The stories are taught through the lens of the love of God in Jesus Christ, and the children begin the work, through play, of becoming grounded in the narratives of the faith.

Nursery, Room 102, 9:00am-Noon
Our nursery for infants and toddlers is located in the Education wing and is fully staffed on Sunday mornings. Pagers are available to take with you for your peace of mind, in case the nursery staff needs to get in touch with you.

For Youth

Youth Sunday School, 9:30-10:20 am
Location: The Den
Come hang out each Sunday morning as the class is taught by different teachers. This spring we will be discussing and learning about key questions asked by youth in the Presbyterian faith, such as “why do we worship” or “what’s the point of getting baptized?” Each week will offer discussion and reflection to help youth grow in their own faith.

Confirmation Class, 9:30-10:20 am
Location: Room 200
Students, typically in 8th grade, who are ready to study and make a commitment to their faith, begin the process with our year-long confirmation class. The class studies key elements of the Christian faith, Presbyterian beliefs and polity and explores the Bible in order for youth to create their own faith statements. By the end of the school year, students will share their faith statements and join the church on Confirmation Sunday.

For Adults

The Breakfast Club – 9:30am
Led by Members of the Class, Library
Join us for an unstructured, yet lively, conversation on a topic of the day or just on conversation centered around daily life, joys, and struggles each Sunday morning. No preparation is required. Questions? Contact Amy Cole, or Lisa Patterson at

Pastor’s Class – 9:40am
Fred Cassell, Room 207/209
Join this inquisitive, faithful, lively and welcoming group for the Spring semester. They are led by Fred Cassell and study the Bible in all of its complexities and meaning. The class will continue its studies in the New Testament, marching toward Revelation.

Pathfinders – 9:30am
Richard Sale, Room 205
The Pathfinders is an intergenerational group from various backgrounds and beliefs. We seek to find common ground in Christ. This Spring we will be discussing “Covenant,” which is a study of scriptures illustrating God’s covenant relationship with people of the Old and New Testaments and how that covenant relates to us today.