October 12, 2017
The Shield | St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
Pastor's Column    
   Sunday we bring our pledge cards to worship and make our financial commitments for 2018. Over the years, I have discovered that people view this moment of commitment differently. For some, the commitment is an ingrained habit which comes with being part of a church community; for others, it is what you do because everyone else is doing it; for some, the moment arrives with a bit of anger at being "forced" to make a commitment; for some, the commitment marks the culmination of a time of reflection and prayer; and some opt out of making a formal commitment. My guess is depending on the year we feel differently about turning in a pledge card. I hope you have had the opportunity to prayerfully consider how you can respond in gratitude to God by your support of God's work here at St. Andrew. By considering the possibilities of what we can give and what God is doing, we open ourselves up to how God desires to use us and our resources in the coming year.
Yours in Christ,
Giving Joyfully:   
Commitment Sunday Is October 15 
   Our annual stewardship campaign draws to a close Sunday as we pledge to serve God with our financial resources in 2018. In answer the call to be faithful stewards, we ask you to place your pledge cards in the offering plate this morning.
   Some of the methods our members use to give are outlined below.
·  Many of us write a check - weekly, monthly, quarterly, or just one check annually.
·   Some of us give online via our church's website:  www.saint-andrew.com. If you want to give  online, the secure link to PayPal is under the GIVE ONLINE tab at the top of our home page. Once on the secure page, you can give by either credit or debit card.
·   Finally, some give by automatic bank draft. After you set the process up with your financial institution, they will automatically send the amount of your choice to the church each month.
   Giving is simple and straightforward. We encourage you to join us in our mission to serve God by giving joyfully. 
Fall Festival of Faith - Reminder to Save the Dates
   Next weekend, on October 21-22, we at St. Andrew will hold our annual Fall Festival of Faith. This year our speaker/preacher will be the Rev. Dr. John M. Buchanan. Buchanan served the PC(USA) as Moderator of the General Assembly in 1996-1997. He is Pastor Emeritus of Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago. In addition, John M. Buchanan served as editor and publisher for The Christian Century for seventeen years. And, as the Rev. Buchanan has said of himself, "Next to God, my wife, and my family, I love the Chicago Cubs." It will be with great pleasure that we welcome the witty and thoughtful Buchanan to St. Andrew and learn what he has to say to us about our heritage as those who are reformed yet always reforming.
Parents' Night Out
   Parents' Night Out (PNO) is a program for the young families of St. Andrew. The program has a two-fold purpose: it gives parents an opportunity to spend quality time together without their children and it gives the children an evening of fun, age-appropriate activities with their friends at St. Andrew. The evening runs from 4:00pm-8:00pm for infants-3 year olds in the Nursery. In the Rec. Center, 4 year olds-elementary age will meet from 4:00pm-9:00pm. We ask parents to make reservations no later than Thursday, the week of PNO. Please email Ms. Sue at: toddlerqueen2@gmail.com, or call at 940-300-9262, for reservations.
Fall dates: Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9
Presbyterian Women 
   Presbyterian Women will meet on Tuesday, October 17 in the church parlor! Fellowship with refreshments from 9:30am until 10:00am.  We will welcome Patsy Wilson back to share what she called a "surprise book review!"
    Then we will collect for the thank offering and Vicki will do our dedication! Betty Alford will present the budget for 2018! All women are invited to attend! Please contact Linda Heilig at 940-390-7918 for questions or more information!
Sunday, October 15 
   Anyone who has hosted a St. Andrew event, needed to schedule a room, submit a blurb for the bulletin, worked in the kitchen, or has needed coffee or a table at the last minute knows that the person to call is St. Andrew member Derek Shorethose. Derek has worked at St. Andrew diligently and cheerfully for seven years. Now we have a special opportunity to say a huge thank you, as Derek and Krista expect a baby girl to arrive. To celebrate and to offer them appreciation, we will hold a "Shower Power Hour" on Sunday, October 15 during the fellowship coffee in the Narthex and Parlor. We will have a place for cards, bins for gifts of diapers, wipes, etc., and a "tree" for monetary gifts. Please join us in welcoming the newest addition and letting Derek know how much his work has been appreciated!
Office Volunteers Needed
   During Derek Shorethose's time away after the birth of his child, we would like to have office volunteers cover the phones in the afternoons from 3:30pm-5:00pm. We particularly need coverage on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week. Please contact the church office (940-387-3897) if you would like to volunteer. 
A Few Spaces Still Open on March 2018 St. Andrew Tour
   There are about 10 spaces open for additional participants in the March 10-19, 2018 St. Andrew Tour to Israel led by Pastor Richard Culp.  Jim Goodnow will be available in the Narthex to distribute brochures and answer questions about the trip after the worship service on October 15.  You may also contact Jim by email c/o jdgoodnow@gmail.com
Fall Open House
    Leslie and Richard Culp invite you to their home for a Fall Open House on Sunday, October 15 from 2:00pm-4:00pm. Come and go as your time allows to 3900 Fawn Dr, Denton, TX 76208.
Save the Date!  
Woman's Book Study Begins  
Wednesday, October 25, Noon, Room 206/208  
Leader: Lisa Patterson, lisa@saint-andrew.com
Kirkin' O' Th' Tartans
Reformation Sunday, October 29 
   In churches, and even at Scottish Highland Games, the Kirkin' is celebrated by Scots - and those who would be Scots - accompanied by prayer, scripture, preaching, blessing, bagpipe, and of course, the singing of Amazing Grace . It's a very lively celebration. Come! Bring your extended family, friends, neighbors or someone you meet on the street. S how your St. Andrew clan spirit! Reformation Sunday, October 29. Procession begins at 10:15am.
Save the Date! 
Reformation Hymn Fest
Sunday, October 29, Sanctuary, 3:30pm
   Sunday, October 29 at 3:30, the St. Andrew Chancel Choir will be joined by the choirs of Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church, and Trinity Presbyterian Church in a program of great hymns in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The program will include favorites such as "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," and "Now Thank We All Our God" along with readings from Martin Luther and John Calvin. Please join us for this great celebration!
Called Congregational Meeting
   T here is a called congregational meeting for Sunday, October 29, 2017, immediately following worship for the purpose of electing new officers.
Grace Presbytery College-Age Mission Trip 2018
January 2-6, 2018
   Grace Presbytery will sponsor the College-Age Mission Trip 2018 (CAMT 2018) for the college-age students of our congregations. Grace is building a team of up to 18 students to join us as we work with First Presbyterian Church of Lafayette, LA to mission to the Gulf Coast region of Texas. For more information, visit the Young Adult Ministry Website to download the registration packet.
Home Ministry Services Provided to Members
   As deacons, we strive to take care of our Home Ministry members. We make sure they have monthly communion served to them, visits, receive get well, birthday and special occasion cards. With some of our members, phone calls are appropriate. Many enjoy being read to or playing games.
   Each Sunday the Chancel flowers are divided into several bouquets by the assigned deacon and are then delivered to various Home Ministry members, as well as anyone on the prayer list or in need of cheering up.
   During the Christmas holidays, individual gift bags are prepared and filled with goodies. Our Sunday School children make cards and pictures and assemble the gift bags, The bags also include purchased items. These bags are delivered by the deacons before Christmas.
   If you would like to be involved in the Home Ministry Program or learn more about it, please contact me at barbaralazyranch@hotmail.com.
~Barbara Hundley Sims, Home Ministry Coordinator
Stories We Want to Tell: Giving Meaning to Our Advent and Christmas Celebrations
   Advent and Christmas is a time when we remember and retell our memories and draw meaning from the story and the telling. This includes our Bible stories, of course, which we retell each year and which become etched into our memories and from which our faith journey can be renewed and strengthened.
   Adult Faith Formation invites you to tell your story of an Advent or Christmas memory or tradition and submit it for publication which will be both in booklet form and online. Please write your story and submit it by Tuesday, October 31st. Guidelines are: 1) No longer than 250 words; 2) submit electronically; 3) submit by October 31; 4) story is to be a memory or a tradition of Advent or Christmas.
    Questions? Ask Kirsten Brown at  brownk444@aol.com or Lisa Patterson at lisa@saint-andrew.com 
St. Andrew Shirts Available Through New Webstore
   Many of you have noticed the St. Andrew shirts being worn by some church staff and members. Well, the Communications Committee is pleased to announce that St. Andrew has its very own webstore page with a variety of shirt styles for women, men and children offered through San Bay Studio, a Denton custom screen printing and embroidery business. Once you visit the webpage, simply click on the shirt or item you are interested in. There are a variety of colors and sizes to choose from. It is just like shopping online from any other retailer. You will be able to place your own orders through the webstore. Please click on the following link:
   Happy Shopping and let us know what you think!
New Tenor Section Leader
   The Chancel Choir is please to welcome Matthew Morales as new tenor section leader. Matthew graduated with a degree in vocal performance from Texas A and M University - Commerce, and is now pursuing the Master of Music degree at UNT. He has won numerous competitions, and got to perform at Carnegie Hall and at the Southwestern Division of the American Choral Directors Association convention held in Kansas City. You will be able to hear Matthew as Tamino, the prince, in Mozart's opera The Magic Flute at UNT in November. We're so glad to have him with us! 
Typewriter Needed
   The St. Andrew church office is currently seeking a working typewriter to replace an IBM Selectric II. Please contact Lou Korom if you have a similar unit that you're interested in donating! 
Birthday Endowment Fund
   This endowment was established in 2007 and provides income to fund mission efforts not covered by the annual mission budget. Income has been used in previous years to send children and sponsors to Mo-Ranch's Worship and Music Conference, as well as for mission projects such as water filtration systems for people in Guatemala. Traditionally, members contribute an amount equal to the number of years being celebrated. So on your next birthday remember this endowment and contribute toward making a lasting difference in the lives of others.
Picture This! Membership Directory Photographs 
   Yes! It is time to schedule your family portraits! We will have tables set up in the Narthex beginning on Sunday, September 10, at 10:00am, and in Fellowship Hall on Super Wednesdays beginning at 5:00pm. We will be taking appointments on Sundays and Wednesdays until October 11. The appointments dates are:
Thursday, Nov. 2: 2:00pm - 8:50pm 
Friday, Nov. 3: 1:00pm -7:50pm
Saturday, Nov. 4:10:00am-4:50pm
Sunday, Nov. 5:12:00pm-6:50pm
Wednesday, Nov. 8: 2:00pm-8:50pm
Thursday, Nov. 9:1:00pm-7:50pm
Friday, Nov. 10:1:00pm-7:50pm
Saturday, Nov. 11: 10:00am-4:50pm
Sunday, Nov. 12: 12:00pm-6:50pm
   Lifetouch will be producing the directories again, and as previously, every family or individual who has a picture taken will receive a free 8x10 portrait and a directory. In addition, when you bring food for ODB at the time of the photo appointment, you will receive a $5 discount, as well as a $10 discount for providing an email. You may also have an extended family portrait by scheduling your separate appointments back to back. Visitors, neighbors, and friends may also sign up for portrait times. You will preview the many poses and choose your photos right after they are taken, and the portraits will be delivered in time for Christmas mailing and gifts. Let's have a directory with ALL of you pictured! It would not be the same without YOU!
October Give-a-Meal  
(Basic Needs Month - Your Pick)
Macaroni and Cheese, Tuna, Peanut Butter, Canned Fruit, Canned Vegetables, Dried Beans, Rice, Soup, Tomatoes, Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti and Canned Sauce 
Optional: Cereal, Coffee, Dry Milk, Cooking Oil 
   Please return your non-perishable donations for the Denton Community Food Center to the collection bin by the Coke machine near Fellowship Hall. Thank You! 
Sunday, October 15
9:30am Sunday School 
10:30am Worship Service 

Scripture Lesson:
Leviticus 25: 25-28 and Jeremiah 32: 1-15

Sermon Title:

"A Sign"  

Parents' Night Out
Saturday, October 14
4pm, Rec Center

Christmas Pageant Rehearsal
Sunday, October 12
11:30am, Parlor

Fall Open House
Sunday, October 15
2pm, Richard and Leslie Culp's Home
3900 Fawn Drive

Stephen Ministry
Monday, October 16
6pm, Room 206/208

Presbyterian Women
Tuesday, October 17
9:30am, Parlor

Tuesday Afternoon Women's Bible Study
Tuesday, October 17
1:30pm, Room 206

Super Wednesday
Wednesday, October 18
5:30pm, Fellowship Hall

From the Editor's Desk
Wednesday, October 18
6:30pm, Fellowship Hall

Session Meeting
Wednesday, October 18
7:45pm, Room 206/208

Men's Book Study
Thursday, October 19
8am, Upper Park Cafe
222 W. Hickory St.

Fall Festival of Faith
Saturday, October 21
5:30pm, Fellowship Hall

Fall Festival of Faith
Sunday, October 22
9:15am, Fellowship Hall

Kirkin' o' th' Tartans
Sunday, October 29
10:15am, Sanctuary

Congregational Meeting
Sunday, October 29
11:30am, Sanctuary

Reformation Hymn Fest
Sunday, October 29
3:30pm, Sanctuary
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